Kaviraj Thadani started cooking when he was eight. He inherited his love for curing meats from his father, who used to make chicken in dill sauce, steak and pork chops, while Thadani was growing up in Mumbai.

glazed leg

"His recipes were continental and I have built on them," says the founder of Kaavo Meats, which delivers across the city.

Kaviraj prepares the glazed leg of ham. Pics/Atul Kamble


Kaviraj prepares the glazed leg of ham. Pics/Atul Kamble

"Today, we are aware of the affects of curing on meat, the impact that salts and water have on the meat," he adds. He does a mean smoked pork shoulder, where he makes sure there's a good mix of pork and fat. He explains, "Though people are averse to fat, it actually adds a lot of moisture and flavour."

On the menu Glazed leg of ham, BBQ roast pork shoulder, stuffed duck/turkey/chicken
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