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Bacon cubes, also known as bacon lardons, are small, diced pieces of bacon that are commonly used in cooking to add flavor and texture to various dishes. The cubes are typically cut from bacon slices and can range in size, depending on personal preference.

Bacon cubes are often used in recipes that call for rendered bacon fat and crispy bacon bits. Here are a few ways bacon cubes can be used:

  1. Sauteed vegetables: Bacon cubes can be cooked until crispy and used to sauté vegetables like Brussels sprouts, green beans, or kale. The rendered fat from the bacon adds a delicious smoky flavor to the vegetables, making them more savory and enticing.

  2. Pasta dishes: Bacon cubes can be cooked until crispy and tossed into pasta dishes, such as carbonara or pasta alla amatriciana. The bacon adds a salty and savory element to the sauce and provides a delightful contrast in texture.

  3. Soups and stews: Bacon cubes are often used as a flavor base in soups and stews. They can be cooked until crispy and used to sauté onions, carrots, and other aromatic vegetables before adding the broth and other ingredients. The rendered fat and bacon bits infuse the dish with a rich and smoky taste.

  4. Salads: Crispy bacon cubes can be sprinkled on top of salads to add a burst of flavor and crunch. They work well in salads with ingredients like mixed greens, tomatoes, avocado, and blue cheese.

  5. Quiches and frittatas: Bacon cubes can be cooked and incorporated into quiches or frittatas, adding a savory and smoky element to the egg-based dish. They pair well with ingredients like cheese, vegetables, and herbs.

When cooking with bacon cubes, it's important to monitor the cooking process carefully as they can quickly go from crispy to burnt. It's also advisable to adjust the salt content of your dish, as bacon cubes tend to be salty.

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