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Burger making tips for a sumptuous Lockdown BBQ

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Most people are quick to discount burgers as a quick and easy fast food option. However, the simplicity and ease of burgers are one of the main reasons it is such a popular choice. A simple spicy chicken burger varies greatly in taste from one restaurant to another. This simple yet complex nature of the burger is what makes it a difficult dish to master. Today we bring you tips from experienced chefs on how to approach the preparation of a classic burger to make it an unforgettable experience.

Meat cut

The meat of the burger is the most important part of the dish. While you might assume that this step is as simple as buying the most expensive meat on the market, that is not the case. When it comes to raw burger meat, cheaper cuts are actually the better choice. This is because the key to making a delicious patty lies in getting the optimal meat-to-fat ratio to suit your palate. Remember, when it comes to delicious burger patties, fat is your friend. While the fat content can vary based on personal preferences the meat-to-fat ratio should ideally be around the 80/20 or the 70/30 mark. This gives the meat that crisp yet chewy texture that we all enjoy. Use a balanced mix of lean and fatty cuts and run them through the grinder twice to get the meat that forms your burger patty.


The next step is to season the meat. While many people simply stick to adding salt and pepper, this step is where you can exhibit your creativity. You can add dry seasonings off the shelf or wet ingredients such as diced tomatoes and garlics to give it your own unique flavour. Your imagination is the only limit. Mix the ingredients gently with your fingertips while being careful not to add too much pressure as compressing the meat any further at this stage could actually be disadvantageous.

Making the patty

Set out a clean sheet of paper which will make it easier for you to clean up afterwards. Ensure that your patties are sized to fit the proportions of your intended burger bun. While shaping the patty press down in the center while gradually patting it all the way to the sides. Try to keep the shape and density even from all sides. This prevents the patty from cracking around the edges while it is being cooked. You can also add some extra salt and pepper at this stage if you wish. Apply butter on the surface of the patties and cook them over medium heat to form a crisp yet tender crust. Serve with toasted buns, sliced tomato, cheese, red onion, and other toppings of your choice.

Simple, tasty and filling, these three factors make burgers an easy dish to love. Whether you simply want a spicy cajun chicken burger to beat your cravings or a satisfying meal with friends and family, the multi-purpose burger has got you covered. Use these simple tips to raise your burger making skills during this lockdown so that when friends come over they cannot help but rave about your fantastic cooking skills.

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