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Chef, Restaurateur, Food Product Development Specialist and founder of Kaavo Meat - the talented Kaviraj Thadani went through a long journey before creating this brand. Kaviraj grew up with parents fanatical about food and travel, thus exposing him to the world of experimental cuisine and cooking techniques from an early age. Kaviraj’s journey to Kaavo began with a diploma in hotel management from the prestigious Les Roches International School of Hotel Management in Switzerland. After returning to India he apprenticed with the Leela Group of Hotels, thus gaining an on-ground understanding of the industry. Fueled by his learnings, in 2010 he opened his own restaurant and bar known as the CoolChef Café in Worli, Mumbai. In 2013, Kaviraaj took up the challenge of working in the gourmet food business with the foremost company in the business, Fortune Gourmet Specialities. It was this experience that exposed Kaviraj to the need for specialized processed meat faced by the Indian consumer and which led to the creation of the Kaavo Meat brand. With the grown demand for Korean specialities in 2020, he found Seoulmate a Korean delivery kitchen in South Mumbai. 



Our aim at Kaavomeat is to revolutionize the local meat industry in India. We hope to accomplish this objective by putting in place strict processes at every stage of the supply chain, thus ensuring that the meat has been handled with the utmost care from farm to table. When these meat products arrive at our facilities they are thoroughly checked before being broken down into specific cuts as per customer requirements. The fat content in the meat is regulated based on the product to achieve optimum meat flavor and remove any ‘filler’ from the product. All our sausages are hand-made and wrapped in completely natural casings, thus making them truly artisanal. Our meats are smoked in a brick smokehouse using 100% fruitwood logs. Finally, our products are hygienically vacuumed and packed to retain freshness for extended periods. Thus allowing us to produce and provide both fresh and frozen products to customers based on their convenience.


KAAVOMEAT  is a brand closely linked to our founder Kaviraj Thadani, who has been creating imaginative dishes in the kitchen since the age of 11. Being a connoisseur of fine dining and quality meats himself, Kaviraj found that the Indian market was lacking in good quality, handmade, artisanal meats, sausages, and bacon. To meet this need, KAAVOMEAT was launched with the purpose of bringing artisanal meats on par with international standards to the Indian consumer. We only accept the best and highest quality meats sourced from 100% trusted farms. Our products are hand-picked, vacuum packed, and can be delivered fresh to every district in Mumbai.

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