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5 Types of Sausages for Any Occasion

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

What greater pleasure is there than a juicy, perfectly cooked sausage? From the ketchup-and-mustard-slathered hotdogs of New York to European bangers and mash, there truly is a sausage fit for every occasion. Whether you prefer pork or chicken sausages, broiled, fried, baked, or otherwise, here’s a list of the 5 types of sausages that you must have in your pantry, ready to be devoured at the drop of a hat!


“Kiełbasa” is a Polish word that translates literally to “sausage”, and can refer to a variety of different sausages. The most common type of Kiełbasa is the traditional Polish Sausage found at your local butcher and is typically a horseshoe-shaped country pork sausage that can be either pre-smoked, partially smoked or unsmoked. This type of sausage is diverse, and can be frilled, sautéed or simply heated and served alongside mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, or even in a bun!


Everyone’s favourite German sausage, Bratwurst comes in a number of varieties but is typically made of pork and veal, seasoned and spiced with salt, ginger, nutmeg and caraway. Traditionally served grilled or sautéed, the trick to a perfectly cooked bratwurst is to keep a careful eye on the heat, avoiding charring and sticking to the pan, until the meat is hot enough to cook through.


Originally hailing from France, Andouille is a spicy smoked sausage that has become known for its inclusion in Cajun cuisine, where it is heralded as a key ingredient in traditional jambalaya and gumbo. Being a smoked sausage, Andouille is a precooked sausage that can be sliced up and served cold as a snack or an appetiser, or used in just about any recipe that calls for smoked sausage for added flavour and heat.

Italian Sausage

The pride of Italy, Italian sausage typically comes in two varieties: hot and sweet. Hot Italian sausage consists of pork, seasoned with salt, garlic, anise, and red pepper flakes. Sweet Italian sausage is much the same, minus the inclusion of the red pepper flaked, which highlights the intrinsically sweet-tasting pork flavour of the meat. Italian sausages are delicious and versatile and can be grilled or sautéed, sliced, or removed from the casing altogether and cooked in the same manner as ground beef.


No list of sausages would ever be complete without the flavourful Chorizo! With the most popular variety hailing from Mexico, Chorizo is uncured and flavoured with a variety of chillies, spices and garlic, though ingredients come in a variety of options. Chorizo is typically removed from its casing prior to cooking and tastes best when sautéed in its own juices and flavours.

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