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BBQ Planning Essentials

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Summertime is almost here, and ‘tis the season for sunshine and merriment- and what better way to celebrate its arrival than with a sunny summer barbeque? From the countless hors d’oeurves to the tantalising aroma wafting from the grill, the very mention of the word conjures up the sensation of a rumbly tummy, and the warm embrace of a sun-kissed afternoon spent with family and friends. Whether you happen to be planning a small family cookout in the backyard, or a summertime BBQ bonanza, no successful barbeque ever came together without a fair amount of planning beforehand. Here are a few essentials to keep in mind to transform your next weekend get-together into the ultimate barbeque you have always dreamed of.

Food Fixings

No good barbeque is ever without its sides. Heaping servings of indulgent mac and cheese, or chips with dip and guacamole, paired with a chilled beer or a cool, refreshing beverage set the to]ne for a perfect afternoon. Satiate your hungry guests’ appetites with chicken satay skewers fresh from the grill, or crisped morsels of prime bacon perfect for a pre-meal snack.

Hot Dogs

What BBQ checklist would be complete without some good ol’ hot dogs? Simply pop your sausages on the grill for a few minutes for heat and a healthy char, and pair with toasted buns, relish, pickles and condiments for the perfect summertime BBQ treat. Kaavo Meat offers a variety of artisanal pork and chicken sausage for sale online. All our sausages are hand-made with natural casings, assuring the superior taste and quality your barbeque demands.

Grilling Poultry

The secret to moist, tender chicken is to cook with love. Everything excepting a whole bird must be cooked over direct heat. This sears the meat, enveloping its exterior in a flavourful golden-brown crust with an added kick of flavour. Impress your guests with your culinary know-how by serving up smoked chicken drumsticks at your next BBQ bash. Kaavo Meat, one of the most trusted online meat delivery services in Mumbai, is your one-stop destination to buy smoked meat online. With all our meats smoked in our brick smokehouse, using fruitwood logs for a 100% fruitwood smoke, you can give your guests a meal they won’t soon forget.

Kaavo Meat is here to aid you in becoming the grill-master you were always meant to be. With an aim to revolutionise the meat industry by placing quality checks at every stage of the supply chain, Kaavo Meat’s strategic placement ensures that you are provided with the finest products, which have been handled with the utmost care from farm to table. So, fire up those grills and take a moment to kick back and relax with the ones you love most, and trust Kaavo Meat to meet your meaty needs.

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