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Roasting to Perfection: A Guide to Roasting Properly

One of the oldest methods of cooking dating back to our early ancestors, roasting traditionally required meat to be skewered on a spit, and manually rotated above an open fire to ensure an even, thorough cook. In modern times, however, roasting typically takes place in an oven. While technological innovation has made the process more hands-off, roasting raw meat to perfection still requires attention and care. Whether you’re browning veggies or preparing a whole bird, Mumbai’s number one online meat delivery service, Kaavo Meat is here with a few tips and tricks to ensure you get the most out of your roast!


A critical step that is often overlooked in the process of roasting, tempering, or bringing your food to room temperature before roasting, is necessary for an even cook. When cooking with proteins or large cuts of meat, it is important to not skip this step to ensure that the temperature of the meat in the middle is at the same reading as the edges. Using a thermometer, ensure that your meat is at room temperature from the both the inside and the outside.

Different Strokes for Different Cuts

While roasting may seem a relatively straightforward endeavour, it’s important to remember that one size doesn’t fit all. While cooking whole birds, or cuts of red meat, keep in mind that different types of meat, whether red, white or dark, require a wide range of temperatures and cooking times to achieve the perfect roast. This discrepancy in cooking temperatures and times can sometimes be worked around, by placing the various cuts of meat toward the hotter or cooler parts of the oven, or, in the case of birds, by covering the breast with foil during roasting.

Size Matters

While roasting vegetables may seem a simpler task than meats, there is always room for error in the kitchen. To ensure your veggies are cooked evenly, cut the vegetables into the same size before placing them in the oven.

Know Your Tools

While a meat thermometer is essential to know when your meat is done to perfection, it’s vital to be aware of the other tools in your arsenal, and how they might affect your roast. When cooking with a roasting pan or baking sheet, keep in mind that your meat or veggies will be shielded from the heat source. To ensure an even cook, rotate and flip your meat and veggies during the roast at least once. To slow down the progression of the cook, aluminium foil over the breast comes in handy for whole birds. Another way to boost flavour and slow the cooking process is to baste your meat and veggies with room-temperature liquid such as broth.

Mix and Match

If you’re looking for a tender roast with just the right amount of caramelisation, consider pan-searing the meat before putting it in the oven to slow roast. This means that your food starts out at a high temperature, and then lowers during cooking. In other cases, pan-searing after the roasting process can also help with caramelisation.


Carryover cooking is a phenomenon in which foods removed from heat continue to cook from the heat that they retain. Be sure to time your roast well, and let your meat rest for anywhere between 10-20 minutes to halt this process correctly.

Want to enjoy a perfect roast with none of the efforts? Check out Kaavo Meat’s catalogue of pre-roasted products for an easy dinnertime quick-fix! From sustainable pork products to roasted chicken thighs, Kaavo Meat is here to meet all your meaty needs!

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