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Differences Between Organic and Grass-Fed Meat and Where to Buy Them

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

In today’s health conscious world it has become important to know where your meat is sourced from to figure out whether or not it is healthy. Is the meat organic? Farm-raised? Natural? With all of these different terms it can start to feel just a little bit overwhelming to choose what type of meat you should buy. Today we will attempt to help you clear this confusion and figure out the difference between organic and grass-fed meat and which type of raw meat you should choose.


If a meat or dairy product is “grass-fed”, it was sourced from livestock that was fed exclusively with grass, hay, and forage. This means that no grains were ingested by the animal. The animals are left free to graze as they see fit, and are not confined to cramped living quarters. However, it is possible that the grasses and hay that are used to feed these animals were cultivated using pesticides and GMOs, or that the animal themselves might have been treated with antibiotics or hormones, meaning that by definition, they are not 100% organic.


Organically sourced meat and dairy products are sourced from animals that are fed organic feed exclusively. This could include grain, grasses, and more. Like grass-fed animals, organic livestock farming also allows for the animals to graze freely. However, to be certified as organic, the animals must not be given antibiotics or hormonal supplements. Farmers must be able to provide the animals with easy access to grazing grounds, and no pesticides, GMOs or fertilisers may be used on the land for a minimum of three years prior.

Shopping for Sustainability

Now that we have established the difference between these two types of meat, the next step is knowing where to shop and which meat to choose. If you are looking to buy meat online in India check out the products on offer from Kaavo Meat. Allowing you to choose whether you want your products raw, marinated or ready-to-eat allows you to eat what you enjoy. The strict quality checks in place at every stage of the supply chain by Kaavo Meat also ensures that you always get a quality product. While at the end of the day the choice between grass-fed and organic is entirely up to you, there are studies which show that grass fed meat is better for you because it is higher in nutrients and antioxidants. Organic products which are fed to the animal might not always be a part of their natural diet.

Now that you know the difference and which one to choose you can enjoy your meat just the way you like it without the guilt!

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