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Updated: Oct 12, 2022

I have had enough of these vegan/vegetarian pseudo activists claim moral high ground while sitting in their ivory towers unaware of the actual ground reality and the larger issues that we face today.

Yesterday I visited a national award winning pig farm on the outskirts of Hyderabad in Telangana nestled in a small town with a population of 300000 individuals. This farm has been in operation for almost 2 decades and their achievements are numerous. They successfully mature 3000 healthy pigs annually; the pigs are fed human food waste collected fresh from the town’s houses and restaurants twice a day.

This is what we call, ethical farming when the animals are treated well and cared for, AND IT SHOWS. Ethical farming is something less talked about because these activists only want to show you the worst side of the livestock industry. Seriously out of all the 600 odd pigs there I did not find a single which looked unhealthy or uncared for. Even though they are fed with food waste, the farm did not stink and all the pens were exceptionally clean and well maintained.

Pigs are the answer to a sustainable food chain since they are the only measurable and ultra fast method of recycling food waste back into the food chain.

The food they are fed would otherwise would be thrown into a dump or if lucky sent to be put into compost pit which would then take many years to decompose. By composting we don’t know when or where does the nutrients reach back into our food chain. However with pigs 25% of the food they eat can be attributed to their weight gain, meaning meat and this is all done in under a year.

Having worked and spoken with numerous farmers, I believe sustainability is a much larger issue we face today. Creating a viable and effective cycle for the food we eat is of the utmost importance. As the Indian population grows and Indians become more financially stable, the issue of food waste is only going to explode. So before “shit hits the fan” we need to consider a method which will work for us.

Let’s be logical, How could you consider a method with no real measurement against a method providing quick and quantifiable results?

The benefits are numerous

  1. Delicious pork meat available at affordable prices for the Masses: pork will become the most affordable form of protein and easily available in all parts of the country.

  2. Less waste in our landfills: which are already filled to the brim...

  3. Less stench of food waste in our cities: who can argue against this lol

  4. Food businesses becoming more accountable for their waste: probably the largest growing sector in the country, accounting for most of the food waste. starting to show responsibility to the environment.

The fact still remains that we need to consider the needs our species above others, and I can confidently say that I am working towards the benefit of humanity and no one can dispute that.

So remember, the next time you are eating pork in whatever form (Bacon, Sausages, Ham, Chops, ribs Ect...) That apart from enjoying the deliciousness you are promoting a sustainable food chain.

Chef Kaviraj Thadani

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