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Quick Solutions to Isolation Protein Cravings

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

While the country still grapples with the ever-emerging realities of the ‘New Normal’ in the age of the Novel Coronavirus, many food-lovers find themselves caught in the crossfire, with their favourite restaurants, corner meat shops and butchers having lowered their shutters for the foreseeable future. While supplies may be limited, our rumbling tummies will not be silenced as easily. Kaavo Meat, Mumbai’s premier online meat delivery service is here to save the bleak prospect of another underwhelming meal, with a variety of sustainable and fresh meat products, just a few clicks away! Are you scouting for our next lip-smacking feast? Check out some of our quick solutions to isolation protein cravings!

Pre-Marinated & Ready to Cook

Has your work-from-home week got you down in the dumps? With the lines between work and home becoming blurrier by the day, it can be hard to take the time to truly treat yourself to the dinnertime respite you so crave. While elaborate meal-prep and mise en place may seem like a distant dream, Kaavo Meat offers a variety of pre-marinated options to save your next mealtime from that familiar, overwhelming air of the mundane. From Asian chicken skewers to ready-to-cook sustainable pork products and more, your next stay-at-home treat could be just as easy as tossing a few things into the oven, or onto the frying pan!

Cooking Out In

Has the isolation state of the nation got you missing those simple weekend cookouts with your friends? While social distancing may be the norm, why make your palette pay the price? Pick from a variety of BBQ essentials, from raw burger meat to smoked drumsticks, chicken sausages and more, and recreate the simple pleasures of a sunny summertime barbeque in the comfort and safety of your own home!

Snacktime Made Simple

Are you the sort of person who considers mealtimes more a set of guidelines than a concrete schedule to be adhered to? Are you tired of the same old store-bought chips and cookies? Trade-in those fatty junk foods for a healthy chicken salami sandwich, or easy-make cocktail sausages- simple, quick-fix solutions for a hungry belly that will leave you satisfied, and looking forward to your next meal!

Kaavo Meat aims to revolutionise the meat industry by placing quality checks at every stage of the supply chain. Such a strategy allows them to provide you with the finest products that have been well-fed, given the best treatment and handled with utmost care all the way from farm to table. They provide both fresh and frozen products that have been hygienically vacuumed packed to retain freshness. So, why let social-distancing get in the way of your foodie needs? Trust Mumbai’s most beloved online meat store with your next meal.

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