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Nothing tastes more like home than a Sunday roast feast. One whiff of the dizzying aroma of juicy, tender roasted chicken thighs, slathered in thick, savoury gravy is enough to set off years of nostalgia, of Sunday evenings spent with family, huddled around banquet tables, a warm reminder of the comforts of home. But what does it take to recreate the warmth of a memory? Is it the meat, roasted to perfection? Or is it the crisp-coated potatoes, the gravy, or the veg? Here’s a list of all of the essentials to keep in mind while fixing up a roast dinner that will bring back those fond memories of home! The Gravy Nothing uplifts a roast meal like the perfect gravy. Wholesome, thick, savoury and flavourful, the perfect gravy is rich in hearty flavour. A sauce made with those delicious juices leftover in the pan after roasting your meat, the perfect gravy can be a tricky affair. Too thick, too thin, too lumpy or too runny, and your meal is ruined. Be sure to use every drop of those juices, and add in the right amount of flour or corn starch to ensure your gravy retains its warmth and wholesome flavour. The Meat The most crucial part of any roast is, of course, the meat. Whether you like your meat stuffed or whole, whether chicken, lamb, beef or otherwise, no roast meal will ever be complete without a juicy, tender cut of meat to sink your teeth into. Mumbai’s premier online meat shop Kaavo Meat offers a wide array of fresh and frozen meat products to ensure your Sunday roast goes off without a hitch. Too pressed for time to pull off a whole feast alone? Check out Kaavo Meat’s range of pre-roasted meats that will have your dinner guests praising your culinary prowess for days! The Roast Potatoes Second, only to the main centrepiece, roast potatoes can make or break your Sunday roast dinner. Garlicky, buttered and herbed to perfection, the ideal roast potatoes are crisp and golden on the outside, while retaining a tender, fluffy inside. The Veg It wouldn’t really be a roast without the veg, would it? From buttery Brussel sprouts and broccoli and tender carrots to firm peas and sticky-sweet parsnips, roasted veg adds a layer of flavourful complexity to a roast meal, and can, for some, be the shining star of the banquet table! The Yorkshire Puddings A traditional English side dish, savoury Yorkshire pudding is made from eggs, flour and milk. Versatile, fluffy, and delicious, and served with meat and gravy at any good Sunday roast, Yorkshire pudding can also be stuffed with sausages or mashed potatoes. There you have it: the formula for the perfect Sunday roast dinner, right in the comfort of your very own home! If you are planning your next roast feast, check out Kaavo Meat’s selection of pre-cooked and raw meats to make your hosting dreams come true!

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