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This Worli Man Knows How To Smoke His Bacon - Homegrown

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Meat treats are the new sweet treats, and there’s a little Worli haunt that’s backing the trend whole-heartedly.

The World Health Org. recently ran a study on the ill-effects of processed meat, and has now placed it in the same category as plutonium, asbestos and tobacco in the cancer-causing scale. Not exactly the best news after all that Christmas pigging out you did, we imagine, but in truth, there’s little evidence to suggest that Red Meat is any more harmful than all the other things we eat. Over consumption of processed meats definitely has a huge part to play in bowel cancer, yes, but the occasional indulgence in a bacon sandwich will do next to no harm because what it all comes down to is that age-old truth--eat whatever you like, in moderation. Keeping that somewhat better-balanced resolution than we’re used to in mind, we set out to chronicle one particularly well-kept secret in the meat-lover’s community. Kaviraj Thadani’s KAAVO is dispelling all notions that expensive exported products are the only way to access good quality processed meat. Instead, he’s become a one-man army, dedicated to the art of making quality meat products right here in the heart of the city. And he’s definitely doing it right.

A sweet beginning makes for a meat(y) middle Food was always a moving force in Kaviraj’s life. When he was just 11, he partook in a Brownie show by Rashmi Uday Singh - one of India’s leading Food authors and carrying the positive response he received early on with him, he went on to enroll in extra classes that involved food but no credits, even starting to host home dinners. He later studied at Les Roches, Switzerland and worked with the Movenpick group of hotels, further cementing his experience in the food world by working with the Leela Group.

Then came the Cool Chef Delivery Service, which later escalated to a restaurant called Cool Chef Cafe in Worli, a joint most young city-dwellers with a penchant for underground music are more than familiar with. Things started off brightly enough until every restaurant that served alcohol faced police problems under the Dhoble regime. Between that and several other issues that popped up along the way, Cool Chef Cafe was short lived, even leaving a bad taste in some people’s mouths. Still, thanks to its unconventional location and the legendary parties that went down in its midst, it left a lasting legacy on the city. One that remains despite the lovely Cafe Nemo that currently runs out of the same space, that is still owned by the Thadani family. But letting bygones be bygones, Kaviraj has clearly found his calling through all of the mania, and it’s leaving a much better taste in everyone’s mouths.

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