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Why Meat Quality Matters When Picking Your Turkey

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, everyone will soon be hurrying to find the perfect turkey. Just like getting the right tree for Christmas, your turkey is the star of Thanksgiving dinner. From organic turkeys to self-basted, here is everything you need to know to find the right bird this Thanksgiving.


When using an online meat delivery service in Mumbai to deliver your turkey, take a closer look to recognise whether the turkey is organic or not. Research suggests that antemortem stress or factors that affected the animal when it was alive can have an impact on the development of the meat. Factors such as environmental temperature, relative humidity, pre-slaughter handling, affect the development of the meat. An organic turkey is one that has never been fed chemicals, antibiotics, growth hormones or other inorganic substances to affect its growth. Such turkeys are fed healthy organic food and given access to direct sunlight and open spaces.


Basting is a cooking method used to keep meat and poultry moist and flavourful. A store-bought turkey has often been frozen to allow it to be stored for a long period of time. Freezing meat in such a manner can cause cell damage and fluid loss, ultimately resulting in dry meat. To prevent this, many sellers prefer basting the turkey in butter, edible fat or broth before freezing the turkey. This is known as a self-basted turkey. This method increases the moisture content in the meat and allows flavours to soak through.


A free-range turkey has access to open areas and the freedom to move around. As we have discussed, the way an animal is stored affects the quality of meat. The increased mobility helps develop muscles and gives rise to flavourful and better quality meat. Free-range turkey is often confused with organic. However, a free-range turkey simply has access to wide open fields, there is no indication to its diet or how the meat is processed.

Kaavo Turkey

Kaavo Meat aims to revolutionise the local meat industry by putting in place controls at every stage of the supply chain. We provide both local and imported butterballs that are rich in flavour and juiciness. Our Turkeys are cured in brine, ensuring that they retain flavour from storage to cooking. With our veg stuffing and chicken rice stuffing options, we have made buying quality turkey in Mumbai easier than ever.

If you are looking to order fresh meat in Mumbai pay attention to the smell, firmness, colour and marbling of the meat. These are the factors that let you determine the freshness of the meat. The best way to ensure that you always get premium quality meat is to rely on a trusted meat supplier. With Kaavo Meat by your side, you can be certain that your turkey creates a symphony of taste that will have your guests reaching for seconds.

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