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Thanksgiving Turkey Made Simple

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and families from all over the world are gathering to celebrate a day of feasting and togetherness. A traditional celebration of the fruits of the harvest season, and of the year gone by, Thanksgiving is celebrated around the world with food and festivities. With so much importance placed upon the traditional feast of turkey, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. After all, a roomful of family members can be a tough crowd to disappoint.

From the delicate balance of flavours and textures to the right combination of herbs and spices with which to make your stuffing, the preparation of a Thanksgiving turkey can be an arduous and daunting affair. Luckily, Mumbai’s most trusted online meat shop, Kaavo Meat is here with a simple, hassle-free turkey recipe that is sure to make the list of your annual prayers of thanks! So, grab those basting brushes and let’s get into it!

Step One

To prepare the perfect Thanksgiving turkey, remove the thawed raw meat from its packaging. Remove the neck and the bag of giblets and set them aside for use in the gravy, and pat the bird dry with paper towels. Washing the turkey can contaminate your sink, and adds to the hassle of cleaning up. Any bacteria remaining on the turkey after the pat dry will be negated by the heat of the oven while it bakes.

Step Two

Season the cavity of the turkey with salt and pepper, and stuff it with additives that will boost its flavour. Quartered lemon, onion, apple, carrots, celery, citrus, and herbs make for great additions that serve to enrich the drippings, which can be used while preparing the gravy. Pro tip: Never stuff your turkey prior to cooking. The stuffing takes longer to get to the ideal temperature required for consumption, and you may run the risk of overcooking the bird. Instead, cook your stuffing separately in a casserole dish.

Step Three

Layer a bed of chopped carrots, onions, celery, and other veggies onto a roasting pan. Tuck the wings underneath the turkey, and place it carefully upon the pan and the veggies. Tucking the wings in this way prevents them burning, and helps the turkey rest flatter upon the cooking tray. Next, use your fingers to gently tease the skin above the breasts on the top-side of the turkey until it is loose enough to lift, and layer in a generous amount of herb butter. Tie the turkey legs together with a piece of twine, and slather the rest of the bird with the herb butter.

That’s it! You are now on your way to a scrumptious, hassle-free turkey, perfect for the whole family! Be sure to keep an eye on the turkey in the oven. About halfway through, once the skin is golden, you may place tinfoil over the breast to keep it from overcooking. Be sure to check your turkey with a thermometer. Once the bird is at about 74 degrees C, you may remove it from the oven and let it rest. Kaavo Meat, your one-stop shop for online meat delivery in Mumbai and across the nation, wishes you a very happy Thanksgiving!

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