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Updated: Oct 12, 2022

The traditional holiday of Thanksgiving is upon us, and the very mention of the word calls to mind sensory memories of freshly-prepared turkey, aromatic stuffing, sweet-and-sour cranberry sauce and the warmth and comfort of a meal shared with family and loved ones. But what truly makes a Thanksgiving meal? Mumbai’s number one online meat delivery service, Kaavo Meat is here with a list of traditional Thanksgiving offerings that are a must-have at the banquet table!


While modern festivities sometimes trade this one out for honey glazed ham or other pork products, most would agree that Thanksgiving just isn’t the same without the traditional turkey. Prepared whole, and stuffed with a variety of fruits, veggies, herbs or other stuffing, the turkey is the centrepiece of the feast, and takes skill to get right. The best turkey is succulent, juicy and flavourful, with the right combination of stuffing and gravy to balance its flavours.


Thanksgiving stuffing, also known as dressing, is one of the most integral aspects of a traditional meal. Consumed both within the roast turkey, as well as a side dish, Stuffing is made from a combination of bread crumbs and herbs, with variations including meats like pork or chicken sausage.


A flavourful, savoury sauce made from the drippings and additional cuts of the roast turkey, no traditional Thanksgiving table would be complete without a gravy boat full of thick, wholesome sauce to slather the meat and potatoes with!

Mashed Potatoes

Second, only to the gravy, mashed potatoes are the perfect combination for a meaty Thanksgiving meal. Made from potatoes which have been boiled, peeled and mashed along with butter, milk, garlic and a number of aromatic herbs, Thanksgiving mashed potatoes make for the perfect addition to both the dinner table, as well as the leftover meals that follow!

Cranberry Sauce

Sweet, sour, tangy and colourful, cranberry sauce pairs perfectly with soft and succulent Thanksgiving turkey. Available in many forms at the local grocery store, cranberry sauce is also deceptively simple to prepare at home. To prepare your very own cranberry sauce, simply boil the cranberries along with some sugar, lemon zest and water, and then simmer on a low flame.

Candied Yams

Sweet potatoes, also known as yams, are delicious, creamy and versatile additions to any Thanksgiving meal. Serve them baked, in a casserole, or mashed, for a variety of sweet and salty flavours! Candied yams are by far the most popular incarnation of these potatoes, and can be prepared with very little effort. Simply add spices, brown sugar and butter, and bake until the yams develop a glossy brown texture on top!


What meal is ever complete without dessert? Traditional Thanksgiving fare calls for pumpkin or pecan pie, both lauded for their warm, earthy flavours and buttery, flaky crusts.

Kaavo Meat is India’s most trusted online artisanal butcher, and ensures the finest products that have been well-fed, given the best treatment and handled with utmost care all the way from farm to table. Looking for fresh or frozen raw meat products with which to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving feast? Check out our catalogue for a variety of products, delivered to your doorstep vacuum sealed, guaranteed to retain their freshness!

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